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Sticky Mat

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Size 18''X36'',18''X45'',24''X36'',26''X45''
MaterialLow density polyethylene
PackingIndividual Pack
Function Medical Material
Supply ability


Tensile strengthAbove170
Our advantages

1. Reliable Quality: Strict control, inspection & testing from raw material to finished goods.
2. Efficient & Effective Service: Teamworking to fulfill and exceed customers' satisfaction.
3. Reasonable Price: Price to value.

4.Customised size,track level is available for us to meet customer's requirement.

Q1:What industries use sticky mats?
[A]: Semiconductor, Electronics, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Hospitals, Nuclear, Aerospace, Food Processing, Construction/Renovation

Q2:How do I use the mat ?
[A]: Simply peel off the adhesive backing and place the mat at the entry to a controlled cleanroom environment. Then remove the covering to expose the top adhesive layer. As the layer becomes soiled with dust and dirt simply peel it away to expose another clean layer. Continue in this fashion until all 30 sheets have been used.

Q3:How long will the mat last ?
[A]: This answer depends on the amount of foot traffic the mat is exposed to. In the typical home environment a 30 layer mat will last about two months.

Q4:What styles are available ?
[A]: At this time only white and blue are available. Soon different colors and patterns will be available as well.